Tall ships 2017 – don’t miss the boat!

Choose a Tall Ships voyage


20 June ~ 15 July

Lowestoft to Sweden, Race 1 to Finland 25 Days. £1200 (fully funded for locals) – or just the race from Sweden to Finland for £880 More

15 July ~22 July

Finland Cruise, 7 days  £490, adults as well! Cruise

22 July – 31 July

Race 2 to Lithuania, 9 Days.  £600 Race

31 July ~ 20 August

Lithuania Race 3 to Poland, then home 20 Days. £1000 – funding for locals.

or just race 3 to Poland £490 More

FUNDING FOR UNDER 26-y-o’s –Up to 500 Euros from Oman Bursary, up to £1k from Norfolk Boat.



Each port festival lasts four days.


The day before – we tie up by midday and then go and meet the other crews – have a beer and a shower – decide what sports to play.

Day 1 – Crew sports and activities – see some bands – visit Tall Ships – maybe boat parties to attend.

Day 2 – More sports, then massive crew parade in the afternoon, followed by prize giving and the crew party.

Day 3 – Changeover day – some crew leave and some arrive.

Day 4 – The whole fleet parades out and sails to the race start


Halmstad Festival

Sail training ships crewed by young people aged 15-25 from all over the world gather for the Tall Ships Race. The fleet ranges from the largest square-rigged vessels to smaller boats – traditional and modern. You race at sea all day and all night , and then party in port. Challenge and celebration!

Why race on Leila?

  • With a smaller boat, you get to be more involved
  • With her age and grace, she is a centre of attraction at the festival.

We take both male and female crew, and no previous sailing experience is required – all we ask is that you bring enthusiasm, a willingness to join in, learn new skills and work together with the rest of the crew – and a will to win!.

Always an unforgettable experience!


“It has been a life-changing journey with unforgettable memories. A new and improved me, with a love for the sea.” Amy Howell 2015 crew.


Following the success of the 2015 challenge when the crew sailed from Lowestoft as novices and returned 26 days later as watch leaders, we are offering the long voyages again. You get to be a real part of the crew. There is no room for passengers!

We have to charge for crew berths to maintain the boat, but are one of the cheapest and will help you raise the money. All food and accommodation is included. The cost per person per day is £80 but we will help you raise this amount as long as you contact us early enough.

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Whats been said.

In 2013 we raced in the Baltic Tall Ships Race as far as Helsinki.

One of our Race One crew, Hugo Pickup, is already training as a mate and sailing regularly with us again. Tai Anna who crewed in the second race is now our trainee mate.

The mother of two youngsters who did the ASTO race to Cowes in August said,


They have had a fantastic experience and talked of nothing else last night.See a 12 year old’s story.


Angus Wilkes raced from Denmark when the crew had to be transferred to a Dutch boat because of engine failure and wrote afterwards,


“Dear David, I am writing to thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to sail in the Tall Ships Races. I had one of the best times of my life. It was great to get involved with. I was very sorry about Leila’s engine – it was such a disappointment not to be able to do the trip on her. Nevertheless it was a great relief that we got to do the Race on De Gallant. Both on Leila and de Gallant I got to meet lots of new people. In some sense you were very lucky as you missed the storm and bad weather! You must have worked very quickly to get a new engine installed and make it to Helsinki only one day after we arrived. I loved Aarhus, it was great to spend time with everyone before we set off – the start line was an unforgettable sight. All of the ships at sea with their sails up is an image I shall never forget. It was lucky that it was so calm as we spent most of the day stationary and we were able to get a great view around us. I never would have imagined sailing across the Baltic Sea had somebody said that 12 months ago. I already want to do it again possibly next year!Thanks again, Angus”


If you want a shorter  voyage, we can arrange that. Individual races are charged at £100 pppd, and deliveries at £50 pppd.

So the options are:

Leg 1

  1. Whole voyage June 20 to July 15, 25 days – £1750 (2050 euros),
  2. Only delivery to Sweden June 20 to July 2, 12 days – £720 (860 euros),
  3. Just the race July 2 to July 15 – 13 days £1300 (1550 euros)


Leg 2

  1. Whole voyage July 15 to 31, 16 days – £1280 (1500 euros)
  2. Just the cruise in company, July 15 to 22, 7 days – £630 (740 euros)
  3. Just the race, July 22 to 31, 9 days – £810 (950 euros)


Leg 3

  1. Whole voyage July 31 to August 20, 20 days – £1400 (1650 euros)
  2. Just the race July 31 to August 7, 7 days – £700 (840 euros)
  3. The delivery home August 7 to 20, 13 days – £780 (925 euros)


A 10% deposit will secure your berth. Contact us and we will send you a paypal invoice. All berth fees are due May 1st, unless a funding plan is in place.

You will need also pay your travel costs, and don’t forget your passport.

The smallest and oldest boat with the biggest and youngest adventure!