Crew and accommodation

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Singing in Helsinki. Skipper David has twenty years professional experience of sail training, is an RYA Yachtmaster instructor and created the Trust

David Beavan


Chillin' in the Channel. Tai spent last year learning the ropes as mate. He is now training to run the boat as skipper.

Tai Annan

Mate and trainee skipper

Bob passed his Yachtmaster on Leila in 2015. The RYA examiner turned out top b his commanding officer from the Falklands!

Bob Jones

Relief Skipper



Forepeak-Toilet-Saloon-Kitchen-Aft Cabin

The Forepeak has two bunks: one for the group leader, and one for a voluntary mate (or extra leader).   The Saloon has four bunks for trainees. The Aft Cabin is for the professional skipper and mate.

This arrangement limits the number of young persons on any voyage to four but ensures that an adult or crew does not share the same sleeping accommodation as a young person.If all the guests on a particular voyage are adults (ie. Over 18 years) the accommodation arrangements may be amended as appropriate.

Leila was built to race and, as you can see, it is pretty tight down below!

We usually sail in the summer and just go down to sleep, eating and relaxing on deck. You will each have a bunk which is big enough to stretch out in and keep your belongings.