Paddy’s adventure

My first impressions getting on boat was that I felt quite unstable but I felt fine. I wanted to get on a boat because I had never really sailed and I'd always wanted to. The best bit about the Ipswich festival was the huge fireworks display and getting to go on lots of other boats and looking at how they cooked and slept.







I was quite apprehensive and also excited at the same time when I got on the boat for the race on Tuesday. The race start was a bit of a blur but I was also excited at the same time, the start of the race was near some towers in the middle of the sea called the rough towers. I enjoyed steering the boat the most, and when your not steering you have to keep
watch in the night time and sometimes in the day, but usually when your not steering you're pulling the ropes and letting them out!
The downside for me was I was a little bit sea sick and I vomited a couple of times but it felt really good when I stopped being sick! In the race almost all the time you could see at least one other boat, that was quite exciting!
The hardest physical work was pulling the sheetsin when tacking!

On Wednesday afternoon when we had gone past Beachy Head the wind died and well personally I lost all hope of getting there. We were going backwards at one point. We decided to put the engine on because there was no wind and when I woke up in Cowes the next morning I was really excited, we had arrived at about seven o'clock in the morning! I felt a huge sense of achievement and was amazed thatwe had got there in that time!
I would go again because although there were downsides to it once you got over them it was an amazing experience. In the night you could see the stars, it was a really good sight. There was some great wildlife! I saw a seal and some other members on the boat saw a dolphin!