Trustees Needed

Would you like to help young people go sailing?

Opportunities for LOCAL trustees with the Leila Sailing Trust

The Leila Sailing Trust

The Leila Sailing Trust was formed in 2008 to restore the 1892 gentleman’s sailing yacht Leila and to bring her back into use as a sail training boat with the specific intention of offering subsidized sailing to young people from Norfolk and Suffolk who might not otherwise have that opportunity.


After five years and many twists and turns thanks to grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the PD James Trust and many others, Leila was restored and ready to start sailing again by May 2013. In 2013 Leila carried her first crews of 25 young people, her first 10 paying passengers and also provided experience of sailing for a number of young people who would not otherwise have had that opportunity. Overall 2013 was a pivotal year in that Leila sailed 4000 miles, carried 35 passengers and following a long and at times challenging restoration began to deliver education and training for young people in line with the Trust’s objectives.


In 2014 the Trust has built on that experience and the provision of sail training continued, based at the Heritage Quay at Lowestoft Harbour. During the year there were 10 voyages with a total of 50 young people crewing. In addition there were a total of 14 paying passengers. Leila was at sea for a total of 100 days during the year.


2014 was also notable for success in fund raising with £24,000 of grants for sailing being awarded. In addition the Trust was successful in obtaining a Big Lottery Fund grant under the Reaching Communities programme of £270,000 to pay for the operation for a four year period.


Overall 2014 has built on the progress made in 2013 and consolidated the sailing operation. With the award of the Big Lottery Fund grant the Trust’s immediate financial future is secure and work can begin in building the Trust’s capacity to ensure successful delivery of the Lottery Fund project.


That means the Trust is now looking for at least two and ideally three new trustees, based in Norfolk or Suffolk, to help take the Trust forward.

They should have the capability to contribute in the areas of:

  • Strategy
  • Financial management
  • Administration
  • Community and youth
  • Fund raising


All our Trustees are there to ensure that there is proper governance of the Trust, to determine the Trust’s strategic direction and ensure the development of its aims, activities and goals in line with our business plan. These positions are voluntary and are going to require a commitment of around two or three days per month.


Please submit your CV to us along with a short statement identifying what would make you a good Trustee for The Leila Sailing Trust and what skills and experience you would bring to us.